Our Story

Burntilldead was birthed from the designs of Eric Kurniawan since 2004, focus on Illustration based on custom project at the beginning. The idea is simple, to bring high end quality illustration to the client.
But at the end 2015, Burntilldead just expanded into small team who believed Illustration, designs, and Fonts can do much more. The idea came from our passion and our concern about making something that everyone can have it and more relevant to general design or even daily life. We start to work on some fonts and applied royalty to it.

We love illustration, design, and typography! It’s pretty simple, we created things that are original, sleek, and stylish. We’re passionate about making beautiful design simple and accessible to everyone.

Our Team

Eric Kurniawan
Creative Director

Ade Meiada
Art Director

Iwah RJK
Art Director

Reni Kartikawaty