Introducing our new font family called Energize, a modern sports font with clean look. Dedicated to SCIFI logo style. Really great for e-sports logo, aerospace games, jersey designs, automotive logos, etc .



Energize is a sports font family with 3 styles (extrude, outline & regular), 3 weight (thin-Bold) & every weight have italic version included (Thin italic – Bold Italic). Built for people who have enthusiasts with race, workouts & athletic. Rooted in the original shape of original competitive sports spirit.

The Idea is to bring the dynamic shape and the weight into typhography; elevating athletic performance through progresive innovation of font, so whenever people see the font they think of hard works & sports.

The goal is to make the font looks stand out and visible to many possible placement on sports outfit & ads. No mater how small the print area, you can always easily choose the weight of the font from thin to extra bold.